SAIS 2006 Poster Program

  1. "Goal-directed Hierarchical Dynamic Scripting for RTS Games" (Dahlbom and Niklasson) (pages 25-34)
  2. "OPTIMisation using Intelligent Simulation Tools" (Persson and Ng) (pages 83-86)
  3. "Learning and Planning of Situated Resource Bounded Agents" (Nowaczyk) (pages 87-96)
  4. "Virtual Bookshelf Approach - the use of Latent Semantic Structures" (Broberg and Hägglund) (pages 103-106)
  5. "Rethinking Rule Extraction from Recurrent Neural Networks" (Jacobsson and Ziemke) (pages 127-136)
  6. "Accuracy on a Hold-out Set: The Red Herring of Data Mining" (Johansson et al.) (pages 137-146)
  7. "Integrating Cognition Emotion and Autonomy" (Ziemke et al.) (page 149)
  8. "Behavior and Task Learning from Demonstration" (Billing and Hellström) (page 151)
  9. "An Ecological Framework for Evolutionary Robotics" (Lagriffoul and Hellström) (page 153)
  10. "Autonomous Navigation in a Forest Environment" (Ringdahl and Hellström) (page 155)
  11. "Pseudo-Optimal Strategies in No-Limit Poker" (Andersson) (page 157)
  12. "Problems Related to Automatic Nipple Extraction" (Olsen and Georgsson)
  13. "easyADL - Independent life despite dementia" (Pederson et al.)
  14. "A Semantics for Active Logic" (Asker and Malec)
  15. "Artificial Intelligence Research at Mälardalen University" (Funk et al.)